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At The Half

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Origin Story

Grown in Rodriguez de Mendoza in the Amazonas region of northern Peru, this coffee comes from the Valle Verde Coop which is represented by Monteverde. Due to very special micro-climates in Rodriguez de Mendoza, harvesting takes place all year long with increased production between April and December. Peru Monteverde is a sweet and viscous coffee that we roast to a light-medium to bring out the notes of caramel and honey.

Monteverde is a Peruvian producer and exporter in the Amazonas region of northern Peru. Founded in 2003 to better server the needs of Amazonian coffee producers, Monteverde provides technical support to farmers, encourages best environmental practices, and helps it's members reach international markets.

Monteverde represents several producer organizations, including La Flor del Cafe (comprising 323 Fairtrade and organic certified producers), Monteverde Growers’ Association (of 133 organic coffee farmers), and Valle Verde Association with 409 members - a group of Rainforest Alliance and organic certified growers. This particular offering comes from Valle Verde Association.

Monteverde supports these producer organizations in many ways, including providing technical assistance and training, pre-harvest credit and financing, marketing services, management of organic and Fairtrade certifications, and mentorship. Monteverde also hosts regular cupping workshops for its staff and its members who are interested to learn more about how coffee processing impacts cup quality, based on SCA standards.

As part of their commitment to the environment, Monteverde is assessing projects that would benefit their surrounding land and community. They aim to support these projects and collaborate with other neighboring organizations for the greater good. Project proposals include efforts to use more efficient irrigation systems, creating a sanctuary for local flora and fauna and developing better waste management systems.

Committed to responsibly produced and organic coffee production, Monteverde is involved with their farmers at every stage including the planting of seedlings, water conservation, maintenance of soil fertility, organic matter composting, and organic methods of pest control.